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What is happening now?
We closed down the taproom and brewery in Lino Lakes, beginning the process in June of 2021, and selling the last of the beer produced here in April of 2022.

What is happening next?
Beginning in 2022, we will begin work on the next era. The first part is to begin working on a small brewery somewhere in the middle of nowhere that would produce small-batch barrel aged, Scandinavian farmhouse, and traditional beers that would be available alongside the second part.

The second part of this is to partner with a well known local brewery to produce beer for us in cans, to
continue supplying Minnesota and other markets that want traditional smoked beer.

Will the new brewery have a taproom?
It will not. The idea is to simplify everything we are doing.


We are simply too big to focus on all of the things that are important to us, and not big enough to sustain everything that exists, we need a major change. These two new projects allow us to brew beer the way we want to, between the small batch spot where we can continue to do barrel aging, special release bottles, long-process beers, and then the contract canning (@ Brewery TBD) which will allow us to get existing beers out to more people that might want it...we hope the next phase will be as exciting as the one we are saying goodbye to.


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